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About Trust

Shri Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara Kelavani Trust, Navsari was established in 1992, with the objectives mentioned as under:

1.    To distribute notebooks, books and other accessories to the needy students during their educational study.
2.    To provide interest free study loans to the students.
3.    To help the needy students for higher education and to meet their expenditures.

Governing Body

To be a Leading, Innovative and most Respected Centre of Education in the Region.



To impart Quality Education

through Inspiring Leadership,
State-of-the-Art Infrastructure, Nurturing Skills and Indian Ethos, Creating Sustainable Opportunities that produce a cadre of Socially responsible, Empowered and Employable Youth.


  • Respecting each other.

  • Practising truth and non-violence.

  • Discouraging corruption and mal-practices.

  • Encouraging knowledge, honesty and hard work.

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