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Why Naran Lala College?

"Best Empowering Educational Institution to groom the personality of budding Professionals in various fields provided with lush green campus, well-equipped laboratory and efficient teachers aimed to impart effective knowledge"

Courses Offered

Graduation Courses

Post Graduation Courses

(Eng. & Guj.)

(Micro., M.L.T., Chem.)

(Micro., Chem.)

Our Faculty Strength

It Doesn't matter WHERE you Study,
It matters a lot
FROM WHOM you Study !!!

An Institute with 55+ Teachers,
10+ Administrative Staff and 15+ Support Staff under one roof!

Recent Events
On-the-Campus & Off-the-Campus

Students' Achievements

Admission Inquiry 

Admission Helpline Numbers

Video Tour of Naran Lala College

Upcoming Events

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