Naran Lala College, Navsari | Empowering Youth!

Dr. Chirangi H. Desai (Principal NLCCM)

From the Pricipals Desk

Naran Lala College is a vibrant learning centre. We are fortunate to have a talented, highly committed teaching and support staff here to ensure the best learning environment of our students.
We seek to instil in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding they will need to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.We encourage high academic standards and have high expectations of personal discipline and motivation from our students. These are the keys to success in life.Our strong community involvement and a commitment to community service, provide each of our students with an avenue for personal growth.I would be pleased to welcome you to NaranLala College at any time. We would be delighted to be involved in the education of your child and to foster in her/him the values we value.

Dr. Sunil M. Naik (I/C Principal NLCPAS)

The Naran Lala College of Professional Applied Sciences,Navsari has its own name and fame in the south gujarat region.In last 16 years the reputation of our institute has been increasing day by day at the state level as well as national level.

This has been possible because of our highly committed and competent faculty members,talent of our student pool ,excellent infrastructure and above all a very clear goal set by the management of our institute.

All the teaching staff of Naran Lala College of Professional Applied Sciences ,strongly believe that learning is not a one time activity but a continuous process.All members are highly passionate about imparting the best quality of education,emphasizing both on knowledge and values.Thus the students graduating from our institute are not only intellectually sound but also socially responsible citizens.

Apart from the Well-equipped laboratories ,ICT enabled classrooms,library and centralized computer lab(A.C),the college has carrier guidance,placement and cultural as well as social activity center.Our alumni today holds important positions in india and abroad.

The postgraduate courses has given a string impetus to research.Our management always encourage the faculty members to create a strong culture of research oriented work in the college.Many faculty members and students have presented /published their dissertation work in reputed research journals.

The college strongly believes in holistic development of the students.

I welcome all prospective young minds to join this enthusiastic family of naranlala college of professional and applied sciences in the pursuit of self actualization.

Dr. F.S. Vansia (Principal,NLITE)

A Medicare teacher tells,

A Good teacher explains,

A Superior teacher demonstrates,

An Exceptional teacher inspires

Nations development and betterment are depending on Nations educational quality. Its our vision to prepare the competent, prospective teachers who can be well in their specialization as well as who can be proficient enough to cope up with the modern trend of education to serve the needs of the society as well as that of students. We are happy that we trained disciplined, dedicated, devotee, determinate teacher trainees around 1500 from our Institute. We also nurture them for democratic values like freedom, equity, tolerance and the inner urge for selfless service to the society and nation at large.