Naran Lala College, Navsari | Empowering Youth!

Dr. Dinubhai G. Naik (Director)

From the Directors Desk
Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.- Nelson Mandela
I feel very happy to pen before the world of students to build their career in the 21st Century. The farsighted vision of the founders of this institution has today been realized in a great way.

There are two worlds, one is the world of work and another is the world of learning. As said, learning is to learn, how to learn. It evolves the new theory of “Life Long Education.
Famous educationalist Dr. Ravindra Dave gives three meanings of WWW. At the beginning of 20th Century, WWW1 means & World With Wall & in the end of 20th Century WWW2 means World Without Wall and now for 21st Century WWW3 means World Without War and we have to fulfill the dream together. With explosion of knowledge & technology, the world becomes too dense. In order to acquire a true path of life, each one has to put head, heart and hand.

We, at Naran Lala stand for promoting academic excellence and rigorous discipline with sound practical exposure amongst the student community.Knowledge, understanding and wisdom are the pillars of concretization of life. Knowledge has no limits, understanding relates to IQ, EQ & SQ. Wisdom is considered as a ripe fruit or maturity. In upcoming future, students of today have to face changes & challenges. So, they have to imbibe their possibilities and potentialities.Only true education makes one go stalwart, to fight with evils and to search truth & justice for their survival.

I wish our college becomes a model path finder to the new generation.